Anti-Ageing Lip Mask Moisturizing e quality

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Rich in collagen and cherry extract, effectively improve lip skin wrinkles and aging skin problems, nourish, moist and full of jelly texture

Effectively promote the absorption of water and nutrients lips, make lips moist and healthy vitality abundance.

Usage: After cleansing, remove the lip membrane affixed to the lips,Use 2-3 times one week, those who need it can be used every day. 

Removing dead skin cells lip table, so to restore smooth soft lips;

Powerful moisturizing effect, can conserve lips, increase water brightness;

Collagen, fill the lips fine lines, to achieve full, beautification effect;



Effective resistance to ultraviolet light, keeping lips moist and avoid accelerated aging lips, resulting in dull, fine lines phenomenon;

Please flat in a cool dry place, avoid heat or sunlight, it is recommended refrigeration, when used better; prohibited frozen at 0 degrees; avoid blows, pressure.