We accept:
Western union(
Moneygram (
Wire transfer(bank transfer with Swift code)
Credit card

you will get our payments info after order placed.

1. where I send MTCN#, REF# to you after paid?
    you can email it to use to

2.I want to cancel my  Credit card order, when it will refunded to my card?
   we will submit refund request asap after get info from you, and then it is bank process it, it is 7-30 days or more time back to your card, early contact with us, early refunded.we can not promise you when it will back to your card, please consider it again before you place order.

3.why my master card payments charged more amount than the order display?
   sometimes the bank charge for bank fee or Exchange fee, not charged by us.

4.When I place order, credit card page not dispay,it is blank.
please wait a while, if still not display, please back to shopping cart and try again.

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